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SRS Nutrition Express serves as a comprehensive sports nutrition ingredients provider, energizing brands and manufacturers with premium, reliable ingredients.

We achieve this by harnessing the strength of our transparent and meticulously audited supply ecosystem. Your trusted source for excellence.

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Re-Vision Supplements Around the Customer

Sports nutrition supplements market has changed. Today’s customer expect instant, personalized experience that simplify each and every aspect of their daily lives. Or, in other words, they expect supplement that’s re-vision around them.



But here’s the problem: traditional brands aren’t able to offer the superior experiences that customers now demand. Hundreds of products and a patchwork of legacy ingredients has made it impossible for them to compete with the rising threat that online retailer and live streamer present. And their customer know it.



That’s where SRS Nutrition Express comes in. We’re here to help brands accelerate their product transformation by using the power of audited, transparent Supply Center of Excellence.

★ By working with us, you’ll empower you employees and customers with fully trusted and truly informed experience.

Our Story

For 5 years, we’ve been empowering brands and manufacturers to drive the future of sports nutrition.

With our Supply Center of Excellence, we make sure supplement brands deliver better and safer products to today’s customers.

We’re proud of our journey so far, but always focused on what’s next. Alongside our clients, we’re pushing boundaries, setting trends, and unleashing the full potential of a healthier supply chain.

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