Our Advantage

Supply Center Of Excellence


Fast Speed Delivery

We offer swift pickup/delivery service, with orders being dispatched on the same or next day for prompt availability.


Wide Range of Ingredients

Throughout the year, our European warehouse stocks a wide array of sports nutrition ingredients, including creatine, carnitine, various amino acids, protein powder, vitamins, and assorted additives.


Audited Supply Chain

We regularly audit our suppliers to ensure the safety, ethical practices, and environmental sustainability of the entire supply chain.


Transparent & Controlled
Supply Chain

SRS Nutrition Express has always prioritized the quality of ingredients at the core of our work. We aim to provide the most assured ingredients to our customers and their clients by establishing a comprehensive supply chain management system.

The Three Pillars Of
Our Supply Chain Management System

Manufacturer Admission System

When selecting manufacturers, SRS Nutrition Express diligently examines the qualifications of these suppliers. Manufacturers are required to complete questionnaires and declarations. Following this, they must provide relevant qualification documents such as ISO9001, Kosher, Halal, and others based on their circumstances. We categorize and manage suppliers based on their status, ensuring that only materials from compliant producers are sourced.

Sample Management System

Samples obtained from manufacturers are sent to Eurofins or SGS laboratories for testing, ensuring that the quality of the provided products aligns with European standards. Each batch of tested products is traced and retained. We retain samples of each batch of products supplied to customers for two years to facilitate future quality reevaluation.

Vendor Audit System

We conduct periodic and ongoing audits of our manufacturers, including laboratory compliance audits, production facility audits, storage audits, qualification document audits, and sample audits, among other processes.

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