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Other Name: Anhydrous Creatine Monohydrate
Spec./ Purity: ≥99% ( Other specifications can be customized)
CAS Number: 57-00-1
Appearance: White powder
Main function: Enhancing Skeletal Muscle Adaptation to Intense Exercise
Test Method: USP; Liquid Chromatogram; TITRATION
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Anhydrous Creatine can increase the water content of muscle cells, help muscle cells store energy, increase protein synthesis and other basic functions.

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Technical Data Sheet


Function and Effects

Enhanced Muscular Explosiveness:
Anhydrous Creatine is a widely used nutritional supplement for increasing explosiveness and immediate strength.
In sports training and competitions, Anhydrous Creatine can boost creatine phosphate reserves, providing additional energy for heightened muscular explosiveness, enabling athletes to achieve more repetitions, improve exercise intensity, and performance.

Facilitation of Muscle Growth and Repair:
Anhydrous Creatine aids in stimulating muscle protein synthesis, promoting the growth of muscle cells.
Post high-intensity training, supplementation with Anhydrous Creatine assists in promoting the recovery and repair of muscle tissue, contributing to long-term muscle growth.


Alleviation of Post-Exercise Muscle Soreness:
Some studies suggest that Anhydrous Creatine may contribute to reducing post-exercise muscle soreness and inflammation, thereby reducing recovery time and discomfort following intense training.

Enhanced Endurance and Stamina:
While primarily recognized for its effects on short bursts of high-intensity exercise, Anhydrous Creatine may also improve endurance and stamina during activities such as long-distance running or swimming.

Application Fields

Sports Nutrition:
Anhydrous Creatine is widely used in sports nutrition products, including pre-workout supplements and protein blends. It is favored by athletes and fitness enthusiasts for its potential to enhance performance, increase muscle strength, and support recovery.

In the pharmaceutical industry, Anhydrous Creatine is utilized as an excipient in various medications and as a component in formulations for muscle-related disorders. It may also find applications in treatments targeting muscle-wasting diseases.


Food and Beverage Industry:
Anhydrous Creatine is sometimes used in the food and beverage industry as an ingredient in sports drinks, energy bars, and functional foods, offering an opportunity for companies to develop products aimed at active and health-conscious consumers.

Cosmetic and Personal Care Products:
Some cosmetics and personal care products incorporate Anhydrous Creatine due to its potential skin-firming and anti-aging properties. It is used in various formulations, including skincare creams and lotions.

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  • Packaging

    1kg -5kg

    ★ 1kg/aluminium foil bag, with two plastic bags inside.

    ☆ Gross Weight | 1 .5kg

    ☆ Size | ID 18cmxH27cm


    25kg -1000kg

    ★ 25kg/fiber drum, with two plastic bags inside.

    ☆ Gross Weight | 28kg

    ☆ Size| ID42cmxH52cm

    ☆ Volume| 0.0625m3/Drum.


    Large-Scale Warehousing



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    Our Anhydrous Creatine  has obtained certification in compliance with the following standards, demonstrating its quality and safety:

    ★ HACCP

    ★ KOSHER

    ★ ISO9001

    ★ ISO22000

    What’s the difference between Creatine Monohydrate and Anhydrous Creatine?

    Creatine Monohydrate is the most commonly used form of creatine in dietary supplements. It consists of creatine molecules bonded with a single water molecule. This hydrate form provides stability and solubility. When ingested, the body rapidly cleaves the water molecule, leaving free creatine available for various physiological processes, including ATP (adenosine triphosphate) regeneration during short bursts of intense exercise.

    Anhydrous Creatine, conversely, is creatine in its pure, dehydrated state, devoid of any water content. This form offers a higher concentration of creatine per gram, which may be preferred by athletes and bodybuilders aiming to minimize water retention while reaping the benefits of creatine. Anhydrous Creatine is believed to deliver similar ergogenic effects to Creatine Monohydrate, such as enhanced muscle power, but without the associated water-weight gain.

    In summary, the fundamental distinction lies in the presence of a water molecule. Creatine Monohydrate includes water, while Anhydrous Creatine does not, resulting in differences in solubility, concentration, and potential applications in sports nutrition and supplementation. The choice between the two forms may depend on an individual’s specific goals and preferences.

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