Clear Whey Protein Isolate 90%


Other Name: Clear Whey Protein Isolate 90%
Spec./ Purity: 90% ( Other specifications can be customized)
Appearance:   White powder
Main function: support muscle growth and repair
Test Method: HPLC
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Product Description

Our Clear WPI 90% is a premium whey protein isolate designed to deliver exceptional purity and clarity. Sourced from high-quality dairy sources, this product undergoes advanced filtration processes to remove impurities and achieve a protein concentration of 90%. With its transparent appearance, it is ideal for formulating clear and visually appealing protein beverages and supplements.

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Technical Data Sheet

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Function and Effects

★ Muscle Recovery and Growth:

Clear WPI 90% is rich in essential amino acids, particularly branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), which are crucial for muscle repair and growth. Consuming this high-quality whey protein isolate post-exercise helps to replenish amino acid stores and accelerate muscle recovery.

★ Weight Management:

With its high protein content and low fat and carbohydrate levels, Clear WPI 90% can support weight management goals by promoting satiety, preserving lean muscle mass, and aiding in fat loss when combined with a balanced diet and exercise regimen.

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★ Immune System Support:

Whey protein contains bioactive compounds such as lactoferrin and immunoglobulins, which have been shown to enhance immune function. Clear WPI 90% provides a convenient way to incorporate these immune-supporting nutrients into the diet, helping to bolster overall immune health.

★ Nutrient Absorption:

The fast-absorbing nature of whey protein isolate ensures rapid delivery of amino acids to the muscles, maximizing protein synthesis and nutrient absorption. This makes Clear WPI 90% an ideal choice for post-workout recovery or as a protein source during periods of increased protein needs.

Application Fields

★ Sports Nutrition:

Clear WPI 90% is widely used in sports nutrition products such as protein shakes, bars, and beverages, providing athletes and fitness enthusiasts with a convenient and effective way to meet their protein requirements for muscle repair, recovery, and performance enhancement.

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★ Functional Foods:

Clear WPI 90% can be incorporated into a variety of functional food products, including clear beverages, yogurts, and snacks, to enhance their protein content and nutritional profile without compromising on taste or texture.

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★ Beauty and Wellness:

Whey protein is increasingly recognized for its potential benefits in promoting skin health, hair growth, and overall well-being. Clear WPI 90% can be utilized in beauty and wellness products such as collagen-boosting drinks and supplements aimed at supporting skin elasticity and vitality.

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  • Packaging

    1kg -5kg

    ★ 1kg/aluminium foil bag, with two plastic bags inside.

    ☆ Gross Weight | 1 .5kg

    ☆ Size | ID 18cmxH27cm


    25kg -1000kg

    ★ 25kg/fiber drum, with two plastic bags inside.

    ☆ Gross Weight | 28kg

    ☆ Size| ID42cmxH52cm

    ☆ Volume| 0.0625m3/Drum.


    Large-Scale Warehousing



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    Our Clear WPI 90% has obtained certification in compliance with the following standards, demonstrating its quality and safety:
    ★ GMP Certification (Good Manufacturing Practice)
    ★ ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certification
     ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System Certification
     Kosher Certification
     Halal Certification
     HACCP Certification

    Q: How should Clear WPI 90% be consumed?

    A: Clear WPI 90% can be consumed by mixing it with water, milk, or your favorite beverage to create a protein shake. It can also be incorporated into recipes for smoothies, protein bars, and other nutritious snacks. For best results, it is recommended to consume Clear WPI 90% post-workout or as part of a balanced diet.

    Q:How does Clear WPI 90% differ from traditional whey protein concentrates?

    A: Clear WPI 90% undergoes additional processing steps to remove more of the non-protein components, resulting in a higher protein concentration and clearer appearance compared to traditional whey protein concentrates. This makes it a preferred choice for applications where clarity is important, such as clear beverages and supplements.


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